The calvary too late.

Two hefty guys grabbed shirts, leveraging their bulk , came up with Zen and the smaller red shirt near the bottom. ” Let me up, your blocking my bellows.” yelled the small red shirt. The security guard pulled him up and shook him.
“Well, little Red Bull!” He laughed as he shoved him into the other redshirts.
Red stepped up and purred at the guard. “HE” Red pointed at Zen. “said that we couldn’t sit down and that we were afright!” Red pouted and waved at the guard.” We were just trying to find a place to sit down and wait for further instructions.” The guard frowned at everyone and then at Zen.
Daniel stood up and waved his hand. ” Zen was defending the girls who were already sitting in the chairs. There are plenty of other places.” The Security guard bore his eyes into Daniel. Daniel’s eyebrow rose and his gaze was just a fierce.
” Girls,- hmph, typical, always trouble.” He turned to the other guard. ” They shouldn’t even be here”” Then, I saw Zen, on his stomach, pinned to the ground with his arms jerked behind him. The second ” linebacker ” guard ( well, it fits), grinned and called.”I got this one!” The first linebacker guard wiped his nose on his sleeve ” Everyone find a SPOT. We don’t know how long THAT is going to last.” He jerked as lightning lit the buildings outside. The linebacker guards shoved Zen between them and started for the side door.
The girls stepped in front of them. “The Red Shirts started it. ” the girl at the center stated. The first security guard stood tall and glared down at the girl. ” Oh! you know? Which one? started what?” The girls frowned , “taking our seats from us.!” The second girl stamped her foot. “Ask anyone!” She looked around but the cluster of people who had been watching the fight, had turned away and were buried in their discs, bags and books.
I looked for Red, the problem. He was leaning against the bookshelves, with a broad smirk. He adjusted his sleeves . ” We , clean, civilized men have to take care of each other. ” He called out to the guards .
I searched for Red Bull, he was across the room, fingering the ear of a petite fashion girl as he slid on top of her. She gave him a scowl and shoved him away, leaving him the sofa .

A blue and silver badge Security man came in from his post in the hallway. He spotted the linebacker guards. “We were just helping Dee out .” brushing invisible dust from her shoulders. The second guard pointed at Zen. ” They – don’t know how to get along with–? You know? ” He caught hold of Zen’s arms, bound in a belt. The blue man peered at the girls and asked ” Are you ok?” Dee and the second girl spoke. “Zen didn’t do anything wrong! He was defending-” The Senior Security man just shook his head, smiled at the girls. ” I’ll listen in a bit.” Disgustingly glaring at the Red Shirts, went shoving the guards and Zen out of the room.

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