A surge of people slammed Daniel into my chair, I grabbed the arms as the chair jerked sidewards and into Misty. Daniel caught my chair and pulled it back. ” I’m sorry,” The tension thickened as more people were jostled and tightened into their groups. Daniel sat down on the carpet in front of us as Misty pulled up her feet and we curled in the corner of wing chairs that I had nabbed earlier.

Two guys caught everyone’s attention. One, a red-haired guy from the protest, another was a slim, oriental looking guy. ” Hey, she was siting there! ” Zen called and put his hand to stop the muscled leg from stepping on his book bag.
Red put his hand on the girl. ” She can sit here On TOP of me” His swarmy grin made me angry, as my hands balled up. I wanted to slug him. The two guys glared at each other.
The girl, in question, threw her backpack at Red’s head. Other red shirts pushed in ” I don’t see a chain-with a sign–” He bowed at the guy, glaring at the girl. ” O, your royalness!!” his sneer sounded above the clap of thunder and groups backed off from the red shirts. Girls behind her, picked up their bags and moved towards the windows, taking the girl with them
The smaller blond red shirt guy stepped up, beside Zen. ” Who are you? ”
Zen squared his shoulders and looked at the blond, amber- eyed guy, ” Look, I’m calm, we are all shaken by the storms here. These storms are fierce! ” Zen patted the blond redshirt, while looking at the red wall of shirts behind him. ” It’s alright to be afright!”
Red grabbed him ” You no worth, royal cur” I looked up from my notes just in time to see Zen lose himself in a windmill of slashes from Red shirts ,several slinging the temporary plastic chairs into the coat racks. Everyone didn’t move, didn’t complain just stared.

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