So what do you want?

” You seemed to be so concerned with Talk and free to be saying what your own interpretations of anything. Free to yell, condemn anybody and yet not KNOW anything. So tell me what do you THINK, FEEL, OR DEMAND of YOUR DECIDERS?! You did so LAST NIGHT!! SO MUCH SO THAT COMMON SENSE LEFT.”
Jason called out. “They need to protect us, our homes, our work. We shouldn’t have to worry about whether there is going to be a loud, dangerous group yelling and hurting people or a group of armed military types, not answerable to any of us SENT from some faraway man.”
“So you want someone to keep you safe and make the decisions about everything?” The professor wrote the answer on the old blackboard.

Pink shook her fluorescent pigtails. ” NO! not control everything !”
Mike, a bearded suit guy, from the professional circle, shook his head at Pink. “Wait, The problem areas are complicated, THICK, hard! You have to be careful or affairs will get worse!”
“Not so!” The red shirted guys yelled out. “I want someone to make sure people WE DON’T NEED, DON’T STAY!’ We have too many needs and too many people” They were high-five-ing each other and glaring at the girls.
Violet and Daisy moved their seats father back against the wall . Their amber and green eyes shone in the shadow of the cabinet.
Misty, one of the white haired girls, glared at the Red shirted guys, “Speaking of which, let’s start with you!” She started forward.
I caught her and said in Dad’s teacher voice. “What is needed is for someone to listen to many sides, gather information, ask for smart help, research and THEN EXPLAIN the Middle way and WHY to all of us.”

Before the two group of guys on either side of me or the girls started in on each other. Our old study partner said in a his old studious voice.
“Always the same, every time.” He wandered among us and frowned. “His way, her way, their interpretation, your interpretation!” He looked weary and tired. Frowning, he looked down at the papers on the floor by the suits, “Do you want a person who does the research, listens to people, understand and follow the rules. A person who seeks help from educated people and then can explain the options to the rest of us? Who can decide what and why.”

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He rubbed his chin and looking at the Blue jean posse who were trying to sneak out. He called out.
“Do you want a single one person who decides what is to be and that is that! No discussion or disagreements allowed.”
A person who says, “I am the only person who can make this country. Don’t listen to those other guys. They don’t know. and besides I don’t obey the rules or the laws. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY! . Just Trust and LISTEN TO ME!”
The red shirts straighten up and ceased their whispering. He continued “A person who can say, ‘I can send out my squads of enforcers who only answer to me to your town, or area for any reason. Otherwise, if you don’t do what I say then my legal guys can tackle you with a treason charge. WHENEVER you disagree with me concerning anything is an ATTACK ON THIS GOVERNMENT!”

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Everyone stared at the professor and the three groups mesmerized in anger with each other, froze. The blue jean posse sank into the chairs just in front of them. Mike looked up and Misty stared at him. “What a choice and not much time?” He mumbled, shaking. She cleared her throat and repeated what he said. Everyone looked at the blackboard. Silence.

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