Random Interpretations

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

“What is the difference between a random group of people just sitting and a group of people sitting and talking to each other?”
The Black Gentleman wrote the question and smiled, but his eyes narrowed in an uncomfortable manner, like we were all in a very large bear trap .
He could see our confused, uncertain faces as he turned and numbered the sentences. Several glances passed among us, from group to group, while waiting for someone else to break the silence.
‘One of my history study group was writing a second, more descriptive set of sentences. I couldn’t get used to the fact that HE was a professor of some reputation.
The black gentleman turned and stared at the white girls group.
“The first group is full of single, narrow-minded, uncaring, insular, and totally selfish girls.”
He wrote brackets around “sitting”. Pink’s face darkened, turning her nose red. Tipping her head slightly sideways, she sketched a figure and handed it over to the Misty.
“The second group is a united, concerned community who is committed to taking care of the people who live around them.”
He wrote a star beside the sentence and smiled at the Blue jean posse. I caught grins out of the corner of my eye, the blue jean posse was grinning, slapping backs and fist bumping as they moved their chairs away from the Athletes.
I reread the second set of sentences. The only difference? was the talking? . I was confused and irritated . ‘How dare he say that about Pink and the girls? He knew them and the blue jean guys from last night!’
The professionals frowned as they leaned towards each other, jabbering and flying through papers and books. The wall of blue was closing off. They generally did their confab when class was over.
The black gentleman called out “Am I right?”
There were many tilted heads and askanced shrugs . I looked around at everyone. There were many people ignoring him and no body was answering. I crept my hand up as one of the Athletes called out. “one group is talking to each other.”
“There isn’t enough information given, to make that judgement!” Gerald stated from the Confab circle . “all that-” He pointed at the board, “says is two groups are present, one is talking and one is not.”
The Black Gentleman underlined to top two sentences. “These sentences? ”
He thumped his notebook on the table in front of us. “It is my authority to say what I want IT to say.” He propped his foot on the chest . One of the bearded suits spoke up.
“I don’t see how you came up with the interpretations that you did? There isn’t any proof to say how you condemn one and advanced the other?”
The suits were all nodding, with their hands knotted on their notebooks.
The Black Gentleman stood up on the chest! and bellowed !
“What does that matter?!”

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