Whose? and what kind?

Photo by Jawadur Rahman Srijon on Pexels.com

Sam opened his oversized,blue leather bag and the zipper slid all the way back. “He pulled out a gold edged and metal tipped volume, one of a large, old series in the history library. He brushed off the cover which caused waves of dust. “I talked to Dr. Marie and she suggested that I show you this order of principles.”
The book slipped through his hands and struck the table, leaving a dent in the center of the opaque table. Sneezing, I had caught one edge causing my wrist to jerk down with the weight of the book. I waved at the heavy particles in the air,sneezing again.
Diamond walked up, his shadow casting a shade over me”.
“Are you alright?” he leaned over, brushing my cheek. Looking at the cover of the book, he slung his bag over the back of the chair and sat down by me. “I hear that the Naval chemistry set spit out their opinion that you took over and had you escorted out.” His grin lit up his own rebellious face. “Way to go, lark.” he hugged me around the shoulder.
“What the QUERY is WITH YOU?” He stared at Sam and the antique book. “Principles? Oh how good of your people to volunteer to change the rest of us, to your ways?” Sam held up his hand,showing that tired, sad visage as before.
I was so glad that none of the other class was here, as much as I was hurt and confused, I also felt Sam’s hurt.
“Thank you, Diamond but Sam was trying to explain why I ruffled several of the chemistry groups.” I began twisting two napkins,’wishing hard that they would turn into my cinnamon gum’ I looked at Sam. “I was trying to help get the session going and was only defending Angie and her group.! I wasn’t trying to take over !” My eyes teared up again. I poked myself in the eye, trying to use the twisted napkin to wipe tears away

Diamond wiped my cheek with his sleeve. “You HUTCH guys. ” He growled. ” You have one way to do things and NOBODY ! CAN DO – ELSEWISE!!. YOU HAD TO HAVE YOUR WAYS. Your traditions, Your values, YOUR PRINCIPLES!”
Sam frowned and got up. “IF it was up to you people, WE would have no protections, no rules ,NO BEHAVIOR AND NO PRINCIPLES” Sam’s face grew pale, and his lips drew up, the tunnel between his eyes deepened.
“YOUR PEOPLE -would spray your fluids on the grass and burn it!,IN THE NAME OF FIRST LIBERTY” He bunched up his fists and grounded them into the table top.
Diamond’s face reminded me of his name. His hands tightened into a fist in his lap. “We HAVE THE CHOICE, to do it but WE wouldn’t do that BECAUSE IT WOULD HARM THE GRASS. REMEMBER !”
His eyes had that serious glaze, which meant that an eruption was starting. “DO NO HARM!!” He knocked on the arm of my chair. Relaxing, Diamond picked up Sam’s blue bottle. “YOU HUTCH wouldn’t care about the harm on the Grass OR ANYTHING ELSE.” he huffed. He looked down at me, crossing his arms, then stared at Sam.
“People should be able to decide what to do and how to do actions in their own lives. SO LONG AS THEIR CHOICES DON’T HARM OTHER PEOPLE!”
He squeezed my shoulder, looking at Sam . He gave me a quick hug, “SOMETHING that YOUR PEOPLE TAKE A DELIGHT IN DOING DAILY!” He spit into his hands, as he turned from Sam. “Can I get your Cappy coffee? He smiled and squeezing my shoulder. “Be back in a moment!.” His muscles were hard as a rock! when I tried to squeezed his hand, thanks.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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