Diamond Cut

Suddenly, I was the one getting tapped. Diamond was suddenly standing there all in ashen gray. From his scarf on his head to his dusty, grimy, gray laced shoes. He had several days growth on his face .
“It has to- stop! It just has to stop!” His hands were read and scrapped and his eyes were charcoal black and swollen. “There was a tight, withdrawn skin over his cheeks and chin. “We can’t lose anymore, we just CAN’T!”
“Alright, I know.” I crooned sympathetically. But his eye zeroed on me. “ok, so I DON’T KNOW!” I frowned at the sneer, accusing me. “Hey, I didn’t do anything. I have been here!” I held up my hands to the sky. He looked around at the crowd and after he made his way towards the rock, bounced up on it.
People were gathering in tighter and tighter, poking at each other, some laughing and some looking like the storm clouds gaining depth and height the more people wedged in.

Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com

“For uncounted years, we have been patient, we have tried to follow whatever was asked for us. What ever rules and requests we were told to follow. While promises were made and kept – some partially and some were done.”
The guffaws sounded, the laughter, very mean and deep waved from his left. Diamond stretched his neck and stared at a group to his left and in the crowd. I couldn’t make out but the crowd was stilled. The sounds ceased. He raised both his hands as the shh’s grew louder in a wall all around me. He shook his hand at the circle and his left fist came to rest in the open palm of his right hand. There was a shuffling of feet and glances at the sky or the buildings but eyes went back forward.
“BE SMART! YES! PROMISES HAVE BEEN MADE THAT WERE DONE” His shoulders slumped forward and his head bowed forwards as he stretched his spine. “We HAVE BENEFITTED! YES!” His hands went out and his palms were shown to everyone in front of him .
He then linked his palms on top of his head. “BUT LOOKED NOW!! SAME THING! SAME THING !!” as BEFORE!” His yell was more like a cat yowling. Many in the crowd howled like a pack of wolves, it was all around me. I spun around when I recognize the voices. There were Sam, Sherriel, Cathie, and the black Gentleman. They were howling like wolves with their necks stretched and their voices loud, low and scary. Jamie certainly knew how to capture a crowd. I shook my head.’ He certainly didn’t act like any Jamie I have ever known. No, He was Diamond!’ “What the F**ck had happened?” ‘What was I supposed to do or guess?’ My shoulders drew in and I felt very different.

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