The Barker

Amy sipped her lemonade and ruefully smiled. ” I thought it was going to be a loud, vibrant meat fest. The researchers -” Marie shook her curls with a sour expression . ” look, that is what they do. It’s why they are here. ” Wiping her chin which dripped with lemonade drizzling down, she picked up the notepad off the floor. She started by saying that everyone was in the meeting hall, no easy task.
The room was crowded and shifting , the batteries were on high. Everyone looked around like the savior was arriving. The curtains moved ominously on their tracks, so many tosses and tugs added squeaks to the noise levels.
Cyrus grinned like a new proud papa with his coat partially off his shoulder and his hand running through his hair. He step up and bellowed over the din. ” I know that we all are tired , but we cannot let the sanctity of the grounds be overran with strangers who we have no idea what kind of trouble they are mixing into the respectable atmosphere of this special place. ” The buildings , the plants and all in here need to be protected” . He looked around the room and spread his arms. ” Fellow learners we are here in order to learn how to keep what is so special and to learn how to take away all that threatens our cities and our not so stable peace. ”

I walked into the large cream colored room with paintings on the walls and all the decor very tall and very heavy. There were light colored plaques and thick round carousels , full of documents . Still, the room was so full of heavy cabinets – and there was an anger in the very air.
It was so curious. What was the purpose of all this -this activity? I walked to a side wall and edged closer. Wait, I know that voice , that was the man. Where was his cat? I wanted to apologize for his misunderstanding. I looked down, not far from the line people- there she was . The cat was on the floor. If one of the line people stepped sideways, she would be knocked over. Where were all the people who cared for her?

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