Smoothing the soft fluffy blanket up near the pillows , I felt like I had slid down a waterfall on a warm,summer day. The bed was tall and sturdy ,dark and carved with acorns, vines and flowers around the outside and smooth as silk inside. The curtains were lightweight ,flowery and let in a little light. The room was yellow, cream and greens all blended into a meadow of furniture, rugs and watercolor pictures. It was warm and charming. I wished I could show Sissy. She would really loved it.

Amandy came in with a lot of hardbacks and deposited them on the couch. I brought some books up , since you said that you wanted to read. I gathered several and set them beside the bed. I glanced at one puzzled. Marie would need to look at them. ” did you sleep well?” I patted the bed. “I did. I stretched and rolled and had a hard time decided where to stay put.” She handed me a delicate, thin cup with fold edges . ” even in my old bed, I would curl up in a corner of my pillows . I tend to stay put. I yawned and felt like my brain was tired and desperately needed a vacation. I sipped on my drink which was not coffee exactly but not tea either . ” What is this? It tastes like roots and cinnamon , ” I paused and took another sip that warmly slithered down my throat . ” it is called Kafir. ” Kafir? ” No, it is sweet nut and spices and strong beans, roasted and steamed.” She smiled , while drinking her’s . ” “Cafer, like cafe. ” Amandy cocked her eyebrow -I ‘m not even sure she knew she was doing it.

“Joy and Marie would like you to meet them in a room down the hall.” Her face rounded as her eyes melted into her cheeks . Her grin lit up herself. She bobbed her head as she chimed ” You are so -lucky!” I walked into a large pale green seating room. Only instead of places to sit ,there were clothes in separated stacks , some slid onto the floor , there were shoes of all styles and scarfs,hats, caps,pants and boxes. Amandy grinned and walked in and out of piles. Joy walked in smiling and chuckled. ” Well, I asked for lots of choices . I see the girls had fun. Amandy, would you help Marie with the trays? ” Joy drooped onto the big sofa , pushed some clothes onto the floor.

“There is a problem and you have to go handle it. Marie and I have tried , but rumors are only getting worst. It seems that Cyrus is making a stand that you should be barred from the Council grounds. There are students up in arms because you threatened to expel his cat after luring her away. ” I didn’t do anything. The cat wondered in as I was getting up. I don’t know where she came from. Nor would I steal a cat .” “of course, that is what I said. I also , said that he had no permission to come into our personal residence . There is a difference in the buildings for a reason. ”

Joy sighed . “You are a celebrity and Mr. Joffers is getting a lot of anger directed at him for hiding an unknown person who nobody has ever seen or heard of and don’t know if you even have permission to be here! ” Marie picked up a coat and shoes then put them on a table. ” So, you have to go and make an appearance, probably answered a lot of insulting and ridiculous questions.”

” Questions? not! They are not questions- not in a defined sense. Let’s get that classification right ” Joy snapped. I cocked my own eyebrow. ” “QUESTIONS? !!! I’VE GOT SOME of MY OWN! I picked out some brown calf boots, then some brown tweed pants with a small green plaid mixed in. A dark green buttoned up fitted dress shirt and a green tartan jacket finished it off. ” I would suggest that you VOLUNTEER NO QUESTIONS OF YOUR OWN. ” Marie never looked so fierce and blocked my way. ” There will be a melee swirling around that room. Answers are not welcomed.” I picked up a large pad and a pen.” Well, then they are in for a tornado, and I come from Tornado Alley, where storms are deadly and people are accustomed to being accosted by strong ,hot swirling winds! “

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