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Obviously, there was some work that needed to be done outside. I knew a thing or two about gardening. My mother was had won several awards for her garnering. some of the best days were working outside on the yard and planting flowers, bushes and clearing out the beds that were all around . It was a job, but I enjoyed getting out in the sun and feeling the wind. Far better than ironing, washing or cleaning invisible dust inside,I jumped at doing any yard maintenance I could. I looked up at the sky, not much Sun, It was a much different climate than the tropical sun , I was used to being in. The bed I had been working in had flowers that looked like little suns themselves.
“The ground was dry, too dry.” I commented to myself. I sat back and pondered, looking around for a sprinkler head or some sort of watering systems. “These flowers were going to need lots of water ,especially when the sun started blazing.” I murmured to the flowers, pinching out a dead bloom. I yanked at a creeping strawberry plant.” If I didn’t get it out when it was small, it was going to choke out the flowers and anything else it grew up against. ” I explained to the little gold flowers. ‘ A typical black widow plant.’ I thought. I jerked at the little vine that had snaked around the stem of one of the bigger flowers, it didn’t want to let the sunny flower go. I drew in a deep breath, such was the ways of yard maintenance, if you were going to put in structured, flower beds then you were going to have to keep it up and not let it go hay wire.

“Well, you are working hard. Those plants are stubborn.” The voice was coming from above me. I looked up and into those deep, ocean blue eyes . An outline of dark ,wavy hair was framed by the clouds above. He blocked out a good bit of my view of the manor wing. . His smile was expanding and I realized that I was staring with one plant dripping from my hand onto my knee. ” They’re so dense and thin. ” He squatted down beside me. He picked up some of the weeds and fingering it asked ” What is wrong with this plant that you pulled it out and yet piled it here?”
I added another spiny, prickly plant to the pile.” I’m not sure what it is. It’s growing too big and it will messed up the symmetry of the bed. When the sunny plants grow bigger, then they were going to need the area to fill out. I was giving them the room. ” I brushed off mud from my knee. “Beds need to be tended, at least beautiful, structured, plotted ones like these.”
“Are you saying that these beds are NOT being cared for ? At least, in YOUR opinion? ” He was going through the weeds that were choking out the smaller, more flowery plants . He frowned and leaned forward,knees resting on the brick border.
Raking the ground between the little plants and smoothing the ground out, I twisted around to work on the bed behind me., I knew that he was watching me, what didn’t he want? I wasn’t feeling very sociable and I could use a smile from someone today. I worked on the taller weeds that were coming out of the Iris ? Although, I had never seen an Iris with an orange center.
He was separating the larger flowering plants and probing the sides of the ground. Almost like he was checking for damage, he drew in a breath ” Marie DOES NOT LET ANYONE BOTHER HER PLANTS BACK HERE. These are her babies and her care! ”
The larger side bed had bigger bushes and more plants, ‘I wasn’t sure what were the preferred plants and what was the overgrowth?’ I puzzled. I separate some the limbs and looked at the trunks underneath. I rather liked the blended look of the orange and deep, provincial blue with the popping muted claret red of the tiny clusters of flowers. I tilted my head and looked down the center of the bed. There were several bushes but they had no undergrowth and they were all the same height, crowded and fighting for space and light. I frowned as I sat back. ” The plants are having to fight for light and water -” I scooted around.
” Well, you look like you were looking down the keyhole of a machine and didn’t like what was inside. Come on-what-?” He looked over his shoulder and rocked back, stood quickly. How did he moved so like that?, didn’t he ever lose his balance? I thought. ‘Why did he-?’ “They need to be thinned out-”

” Here let me help you, you can box me up later.” Marie came into view with a large box and lots of plants streaming over the edge. She had an ample, orange brimmed hat with colored flowers woven into the crown. Her face looked like the sky above only as an approaching thunderstorm, towering overhead, threatening to explode any second.
Looking down at the pile of weeds and quickly throwing them into the bed behind me, I gathered the sticks I had been using. Since I had no idea where the gardening stuff was kept, I stuffed them under the bush nearest me.
Marie stared at me, her face stern and her eyes brimming. I opened my mouth. ” let me help you with those, you just tell me where and I will- ” He interrupted ” Marie, we’ll just get out of your hair and leave you in peace.

“Beautiful day for some fresh air”. he caught my hand and leaving me no choice , he started a quick stride away from the buildings out into the grounds. ” He was looking around at anything, but me. I pulled out my hand and he smiled, a sort of crooked, tilted smile. ” I had been thinking of putting in a garden of your own, since you can’t seem to let plants just be. He was walking in a slow amble, deeply breathing in. ” The other day, when I was out here, I found a curious tree that reminded me of you. I think it would look great in the center of a round garden near the forest. ” I looked at the old growth forest ahead of us. It was a good distance from the manor house as I had begun referring the place.I glanced back at the house. I looked around and I didn’t see him( oh, what is his name? ) There was a wide arc of a horizon, I could see, only? ” What do you think about this for an expanse ? ” Looking down, there he was with a carved series of lines in the ground. I smiled , feeling like I was seeing a card from home. ” It’s an ankh! I love it.” He furrowed his forehead and smiling that crooked smile. He motioned as a spot next to him. ” What is an Ankh?”

two sides of a coin

” I don’t know what happened?” I crisply stated. ‘ Why were they angry at me? ! ‘ I groused silently. I slumped, ‘the day had been so nice! ‘ ” He said that you and Joy had asked him to help me. ” My eyebrows gathered tightly. ” who was he anyway.? I shifted sideways, looking at Marie, who eyes were a deep, dark blue. she clasped my hand ” I forget his name, he’s Joy’s sister’s other half. ” Her head cocked slightly to the side. Drawing in a breath, she quietly asked . ” What did he do to you?” squeezing my hands together.

I looked down and then at the table. ” he came in and spread out some coins on the table. He asked me to put the coins in order, which I did. Then he wanted to know how much money would I give him for a coffee and pie.” I stretched my neck all the way around, ending in a frustrated shake. ” How am I to know what the price of coffee and pie, any more than I did the price of lunch?” The frustration stinging my voice, making me sound more critical as my anger reared up, again. ” He frowned at me when I guessed wrong. I didn’t have any pennies and there are no numbers on the coins, even if I did guess the price, itself. ” I looked down at the carpet and at the coin on the floor, as I remembered. how he sounded. ” He said that I didn’t know math and that he didn’t know how whether I could learn . Education was minimal, where I was from. ” The more the memory came back the angrier I steamed. ” He said ” like it was in all those out lying areas .” I withdrew my hands firmly and got up.

” I am so sick of people like him, all high and mighty, looking down on my home area. Ok, so yes , we lost . So no, we weren’t right in every thing. But damnit that was a long time ago, I didn’t do it and neither did anyone else in my home state. We have worked hard and we are smart and accomplished and JUST AS GOOD AS THOSE CARPETBAGGER HOLIER -THAN- THOU ARISTOCRATS! who think they are so much smarter AND successful AND more entitled than anyone else.!! ” My Irish temper was every bit as steely as my mother’s and my grandmother’s . Lost in an angry fog was what my paternal grandfather would call it, when I was so angry, I didn’t know where I had wandered.
I suddenly stopped circling the study area . I licked my lips and let out a huff. I stretched my arms down to my toes and slowly came back up, keeping my eyes closed, I stretched my arms up as far as I could reach , standing on my tiptoes and slowly back . I ended by twisting my waist 90 degrees one way and then the other. ” I am sorry, for yelling at you. I have heard people like him, my entire-re life!” I sank back on the sofa beside her. ” we are good people and several of our families were caught in the middle of both sides, even though we weren’t involved in the business that caused so much misery and greed. ” I rocked my foot back and forth nervously. I rubbed my face and looked up. Marie had a very puzzled frown with one eyebrow tilted high up. I bit my lip, ” I am sorry! I know I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. Obviously, your town wasn’t in the controversy either. It was just when he said that he wasn’t sure that I could learn.” my shoulders closed in on myself like I was trying to protect my chest. I sat up, angry again. ‘MY FAMILY AND TOWN WERE THE ONES INSULTED’, I fumed. ‘ Why am I apologizing?’ I spoke calmly, struggling to do so. “He said he was there to help me, but all he did was make me feel dumber than I already did. Damn Blue Bloods!” Marie smiled and squeezed my hand. Chuckling she got up and put the paper from her pocket on the desk. ” That is one thing that I agree with, Come on, let’s get some tea!’