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Gingered Knowledge

Ginger clasped the black gentleman’s hand as she rose from the couch.
She tilted her head and pondered the young man. ” Scotty, I have visited your processes a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Joffrey took a group out to see. The place is clean, pure and simple. It is enchanting and not believable unless one sees in person.”
Ginger smiled and her face was warm and happy. I don’t think I have seen her so happy. With her hand protecting the back of her neck, She unzipped her overvest, partway. She sat down, sternly looking at the black gentleman. He was staring down at the carpet, near my blue canvas tote bag. He nudged it and it nudged back, sliding towards gravity and the edge of my heel.
Ginger stood up and easily matched the young Scot in presence . ” You were invited because you are within the roadways. ” She arched her eyebrow and pulled her long warm hair into one hand . Her hair much thicker and longer, she held it off to one side.
” There are several groups and villages who are rumored to be planning campaigns and rounds to protect and procureate their resources. Securing their harvest seems to require a lot of boxes and explosions in the off times. Have you heard of the Blue Circles?”

The young Scot’s face looked like an enraged bird of prey landing for a kill. I scooted backward, seeing as I was on the floor underneath them. I slid up on the couch with Diamond’s girls and pulled up my feet. Sam reached over and pulled the bowl of fruit and the bag over to them and off the table. The table had been shifted away from the pair, by the two of them . ” My name is Eochan Thomas Silvar. ” He cleared his throat and hiccuped. “Confederation of Blue Circles? Why would we join an undisciplined and envious military play group? ” I wasn’t sure what he meant but the men behind us in the hall, laughed and continued walking away, very quickly.