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Too Much this time.

There was the group , it was hard to tell who was complaining and who was watching. There were people in reds, the blue jean casuals and the business -like professional dress. The loudest and most hostile voice, I realized I knew. I had lunch with her and other members of our History group at the end of a complicated lecture, yesterday. She was her half snarly self, but nothing unusual .
Now, Pink was standing on the rock, Her pink hair pulled in a puff on the top of her head, making me smile because it so didn’t go with her voice.
” We know how actions are done in the Place of Talk”. She held up her fingers . ” Keep calm, be stable. Talk! Walk the fingers,” she said as she walked one hand on the top of the knuckles . “Diamond is right!!” she sneered pulling some hair out of a corner of her mouth. She caught Diamond’s eye. He frowned at her . She stared out and called out. “This is what happens when Government get too caught up in itself. When They are too busy trying to win their battles and don’t want to “grow up” and learn to play on a joint team. Then the no nothings bring their dislike and then the elements, grow and grow.” She swung her hands around in a whirlwind of arms and legs. “There are no Guiders” She shouted to the sky. Looking out all over the crowd and shaking her head. She cupped her hands.
“The Rulemakers, the merchants get everything they want to make THEIR lives easier.” The answers were shouted out. Most of which was lost in the din. Where was Diamond or the Black Gentleman? Diamond was the megaphone, usually?

I moved closer to where I could see, but it didn’t help. Pink was gone and a girl with a flushed red face stood up . ” I couldn’t believe what was happening. ” she started. Her forehead was caught in furrows . The trucks had room ” She looked out over the blob of people. Her eyes were lost in another back place.
“It was a beautiful day, we were taking a break from doing the placework”. Her jacket was tangled, and dark. She had bandages on her hands and leg. “and there wasn’t other traffic. Mr. Stammen was pulling up the plants, you know to help the other plants get better.” She smiled and looked at the plants around the pathways.
“He came last week and help us plant a garden. She smiled and looked down at the ground and then at the floral mural not, 30 feet way. ” There was NO – ” she stopped and stomp her feet . Pulling up as far as her shoulders and chin could go. ” for them to go through the plow. No reason for the Braggards to chase him and hold him down. They are cruel bullies. “There was no ” she swallowed, breathed. “–for them to get out and -” she shut her eyes and winced at a sound in the back. ” hit all the people who were trying to help . We- we kids were just standing -away. and -and kids went down. ” -her tears were streaming down and the pain on her face, I have never seen . ” No reason, We weren’t –” Her face was clouded over with far-away pain, that was too close, to all of us. She hunched over and batted at her tears. Sam helped her down and held on to her.