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And the tide breaks

“Tipmaspah!” The exclamation startled me, as did the red blur out the corner of my eye. Glancing up from my coffee cup, I was met by a harried fellow in a brown suede vest and pants, looking around for a waitress, signaling her, he sat down at the very tight table next to me.
” They are having a nuisance out there ” He wiped his sleeve and pulled out note taking books from his red, sagging satchel. He began flipping the binder, in a hurry. The stuff on the table skittered across it. I reached across and save the jelly jar.
” Excuse me, what nuisance?” I put the jelly jar on my crowded table.
Edith arrived with a steaming , fragrant cup and put it on top of the notebook. ” What is the fuss,?” She said slowly as she tapped him on his forearm. Looking up, the frowning guy, smiled. ” Shehe”, he paused, his hand resting on the sheets crammed into a pocket divider. ” There is a group of supporters who are demanding something . I read about it,just earlier”
Edith took some of the condiments off my table. ” I’ll be back with your food, and yours too.” She said to the guy, writing on a sheet hanging out. ” I’ll tell you, I don’t blame them . It’s cruel!! ”
I drank my pseudo Americano. Pulling my novel out of the bag, I looked around at the room. More people were coming in and they were not happy. ” What was going on? ”